We're interested in Creator Owned submissions

If you have a project in development, and are looking for some help and guidance, feel free to send us your elevator pitch; we'd love to hear it!

Please keep in mind:

Maybe you're working on something we really like, or maybe we're looking for something else; we all have our own ideas. Regardless, we'll let you know, yay or nay, as soon as we've had a look.

Important information:

  • You own all your IP (Stories, Characters, Art, etc).
  • We wont be paying you a page rate or paying the production costs.
  • We will only pay for printing if it makes sense to print.
  • There will be "contracts, agreements and terms" involved.
  • We will collect a small fee from all sales to cover our costs and recover any investments made.

What we're interested in:

  • American, manga and cartoon illustrations.
  • Graphic novels, mini-series, ongoing web comics.
  • Action adventure, horror and thriller, crime drama, science fiction and fantasy.
  • Dedicated and professional creative team.
  • We prefer full colour interiors.

We're NOT interested in:

  • Pornography, Hentai, T&A.
  • Anthologies or;
  • One-shots
  • Scripts that are over 50% inner monologue, thoughts or narration.
    Show, don't tell. This trope needs to be left behind.

What can we offer you?

  • Production costs and estimates
  • IP/Concept branding and marketing strategy
  • Trademarking and copyright protection
  • Art assets, illustration, layouts and storyboards
  • Script writing and editing
  • Graphic design and print setting
  • Digital production for web, tablets and smartphones
  • Printing and Manufacturing
  • Talent sourcing

Take a look at our publishing services for more information. You'll get the idea!

Ready to rock our world?

If you do want to talk to us about your work, and are confident that it's of the same (or better) quality as our existing productions, please email us some samples and a high-level brief.

Email your pitch to: